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How to Build a Mousetrap Car: Plans

Earth shattering secrets for building record setting and winning mousetrap cars and racers. Here you will find all the latest and greatest untold construction secrets so you can build your very own mousetrap vehicle.

step-by-step mousetrap car plans

Plans for a Simple Mousetrap Car

Now available without limitations; easy to follow step-by-step plans for a smiple mousetrap car. These plans will have your building your first mousetrap car in no time.
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step-by-step mouse trap racer plans

Mousetrap Speed-Trap Racer Plans

For a limited time only, Doc Fizzix's own record setting speed-trap racer that traveled 5-meters in less than 1 sec. These plans are going fast and will not last long!
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step-by-step mousetrap car distance plans

Mousetrap Car Distance Traveler Plans

Warning, if these plans fall into the wrong hands life on this planet will be changed forever and the person who builds this mousetrap car could end up ruleing the world.
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step-by-step mousetrap car brake system plans

Mousetrap Car Braking System Plans

These plans are not for the curious nor the skeptical, these plans are for the modern man or woman. Stored in a secret vault for years, these plans are dangerous.
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