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Mousetrap powered cars, rubber band powered racers, balloon powered vehicles, and more. All of our vehicle kits come with easy to follow, step-by-step guides that are designed and engineered for maximum success.

Mousetrap Powered Vehicle Kits

Mousetrap Powered Vehicles

Record setting and winning mousetrap powered cars, boats, and racers with easy to follow step-by-step pans. Kits come pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready to assembly.
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Rubber Band Powered Racer Kits

Rubber Band Powered Racers

Leave the competition in the dust with any of our record setting rubber band powered racer kits that will eliminate the guesswork so you can sleep easy at night.
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Balloon Powered Vehicle Kits

Balloon Powered Vehicles

While the rest of the competition is full of hot air, our team has come up with all new secrets and tricks that we have put them into our latest balloon powered racers.
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Gravity Powered Vehicles

Gravity Powered Vehicles

Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies are attract to one and another. Now you can be the first to make your own gravity powered racer.
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