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Activities (10 articles)

Looking for experiments or science fair activities that you can do with your mousetrap car project? For a limited time checkout any of our hands-on activities designed to excite and motivate students. Learn how to calculate starting energy, find efficiency, plot the motion of your vehicle, find the force of friction acting against your mousetrap racer, and so much more.

Construction Tips (17 articles)

Now available without limitations, earth shattering construction secrets from top mousetrap car builders around the world. Here you will find everything you need to build a record setting mouse trap powered vehicle. Topics include: How to attach the mouse trap, how to change gearing, how to add steering, how to make a reversible vehicle, how to increase traction, and so much more.

Design Basics (9 articles)

Train yourself from the comforts of your own home! Learn how to build a mouse trap powered vehicle. No previous training in science is needed. If you have never built a mousetrap vehicle then this is your starting point. Learn the basic mouse trap propulsion systems, learn how to make a long distance traveler, learn how to build a super-fast speed-trap racer, and learn everything you will ever need to in order to build your very first mousetrap powered racer.

Contest Rules (4 articles)

There is no limit to the number of contests and challenges that can be done with a mousetrap powered vehicle. Checkout the latest contest rules for many of the more popular challenges being performed across the galaxy including maximum distance, top speed, target challenge, and the reverse challenge.

Picture Gallery (3 articles)

There is no "one-way" to build a mousetrap car and your idea may be the next best thing. One of the best way to get ideas for your own mousetrap vehicle is to look at other designs and to see what worked and what did not work. Look through our online gallery of mouse trap cars submitted by builders from around the world.

Questions/Answers (articles)

Can't find what you are looking for? When it comes to mouse trap cars, no question is too tough and there are no questions that Doc Fizzix can not answer. Doc Fizzix wrote the book on mousetrap cars and therefor he has seen and done it all. Look through the data base of questions and answers to find what you are looking for or just submit your own questions to the Doctor.

Records (3 articles)

I always thought that record would stand until it was broken. Check out the current mouse trap project records from maximum-distance to top-speed. Records are submitted from teachers around the galaxy. See where your mousetrap car measures up on the all time record list and/or see which one of your friends made the list. Records are made to be broken.

Science Concepts (12 articles)

Learn the basic science concepts and how they apply to mousetrap vehicle design. Each lesson is designed to make you an expert so that in no time at all you can be building your own mousetrap racer and making the big bucks.

Step-by-Step Mousetrap Car Plans (4 articles)

Examine our FREE, Easy to follow, step-by-step plans for building a variety of different mousetrap cars. Complete with materials list, suggested stores, and top secret construction tricks. Plans include our top selling Basic Kit, Speed-Trap Racer, Long-Distance Traveler, and Lock-Tight which is designed to come to an instant stop at a set distance.

Video Gallery (articles)

Checkout some of the best mouse trap car and mousetrap racer YouTube videos. We have scanned through all the YouTube videos on mouse trap cars and have put the best ones we could find here for your viewing pleasure.

Web Resources and Links ( 23 links)

Had enough, or do you want more? We have scanned the world-wide-web and found some of the best online resources and links to other mouse trap project websites! We have tried to sort though as many sites as possible and have categorized them so that you can find the information you are looking for as fast as possible.

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