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Mousetrap Cars: the secrets to success
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Mousetrap Cars: Secrets to Success

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Mousetrap cars: the Secrets to Success is the most up-to-date and informative mousetrap powered vehicle manual ever written with all new earth-shattering secrets for 2022. Selected by students and teachers world wide as the best single resource available for learning how to build a winning mouse trap powered racer. Learn how to build the ultimate speed-trap dragsters, long distance travelers, boats, and many more vehicle with easy to follow, step-by-step plans, written for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. This book is designed to eliminate the guesswork! Mousetrap Cars: The Secrets to Success includes over 159 pages of secret construction tips, instructions, design plans, formulas, experiments, and more.

Made for the visual learner, this book is filled with tons of images and diagrams that will eliminate the guesswork. Included in the book are definitions of the scientific terms and understandings necessary for success in this activity, ideas for types of contests, lab activities, formulas, and illustrations of supplies, assembly, and designing.

Mousetrap cars: the secrets to success was the first publication ever written that was devoted exclusively to building contest winning mouse trap powered cars, boats, and vehicles and has sold more than 82,000 copies worldwide since 1996. There is no other publication that contains the volume or quality of information that is presented in the secrets to success, it is years ahead of the rest

Paging through The Secret to Success you will quickly see that it is much more than a "how-to-guide," it is the ONLY publication that will teach you the science and the physics of building a winning mouse trap powered vehicle from start to finish. Written by Doc Fizzix for students of any age with hundreds of diagrams for visual learners. Doc Fizzix was the 1996 Science Texas science teacher of the year.


Alden J. Balmer


Construction Topics:

  • What is a mousetrap car and how does it work?
  • How to reducing friction
  • How to make a variable drive gear
  • How to add steering
  • How to make large wheels
  • How to increase traction
  • How to adjust the torque
  • Basic propulsion system
  • Axle hooks systems
  • How to make a super string lever arm

Science Topics Include:

  • Motion
  • Friction
  • Forces
  • Momentum
  • Center of Mass
  • Rotational Inertia
  • Energy
  • Torque

Activities Included:

  • Graphing Motion
  • Finding Friction
  • Finding Rotational Inertia
  • Finding the starting Energy
  • Graphing Energy
  • Finding Work and energy lost
  • Finding Gear Ratio
  • Predicting Travel Distance
Grade Level : 7-12

Page Count : 159 pages.

mouse trap car mouse trap car mouse trap car *Kits require assembly, actual results will vary, glue and tools not included.

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