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The Gunslinger ™

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The Gun-Slinger is the most advanced and the easiest to operate braking system available. The Gun-Slinger has a wing-nut that travels along a threaded axle and then wedges itself against the frame causing the racer to come to an instant stop. The Gun-Slinger comes ready-to-assemble with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts so you can be ready for action and racing on the same day. As with all our kits, The Gun-Slinger comes with step-by-step instructions that are filled with tons of top secret performance tips and tricks that have been developed exclusively by Doc Fizzix so that you will have all the information you need to make The Gun-Slinger a winner.


  • Pulley launch system
  • Top secret braking system
  • High-grip tire treads
  • Light-weight balsa wood
  • Brass tubing axles
  • Pre-cut and pre-drilled
  • Doc Fizzix's easy-wind, snag-free propulsion system
The Gun-Slinger uses our all new revolutionary pulley launch system that is designed to maximized the potential energy of a stretched rubber band into kinetic energy with almost zero loss of energy. The secret to the pulley launch system is that it is designed to stretches the rubber band instead of winding it as is common with other rubber band vehicles; our launch system will double the power output and double the torque of the system causing the Enforcer to "rocket" off the start line with an almost unfair advantage.

The Gun-Slinger can be assembled in less than 45 minutes for most first time builders and when finished can be set to travel and stop between 1-45 meters. (the locking system will work between 1-10 meters).

How it works:

The Gun-Slinger's braking system uses a special wing-nut that travels along a threaded axle until it lock tight against the frame of the vehicle causing The Gun-Slinger to come to an instant stop. Setting the braking system is simple and easy: just place The Gun-Slinger at the finish line with the wing nut in the lock position, roll the vehicle back to the start line, and now you are ready for racing. Rolling The Gun-Slinger from the finish line to the start line sets the wing-nut in the exact position needed. The Gun-Slinger also comes with two rubber treads that are designed to increase the stopping traction helping the racer to come to a stop without skidding.

As with all our top rubber band racer kits, The Gun-Slinger includes our "easy-to-wind" and "snag-free " string release system that will not tangle or snag for increased performance, a technique developed exclusively by Doc Fizzix.

Travel distance:

  • 1-45 meters (1 - 148 feet)* Adjustible stoping distance

Kit includes the following:

  • Pulley launch system
  • Kevlar high-tech string
  • Pre-cut and pre-drilled balsa wood frame
  • CD wheels
  • Tire treads
  • DVD wheel adapters
  • Brass tubing axles
  • Thrust washers
  • Top secret braking system
  • Doc Fizzix's easy-wind, snag-free propulsion system
  • Step-by-step plans with performance tips and tricks

Tools required:

  • Needle-nose-pliers
  • Super glue
Size : length = 21 inches, width = 6 inches

Weight : 6.9 oz.

mouse trap car mouse trap car mouse trap car *Kits require assembly, actual results will vary, glue and tools not included.

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