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The Jones Pulley Dragster
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The Jones Pulley Dragster ™

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The Jones Pulley Dragster is by far the fastest mousetrap racer you can build but it is not legal for all mousetrap vehicle contest because it modifies the mouse trap to wind more than the traditional 180 degrees. The Jones Pulley system is designed to give this mousetrap racer as much as 100% more power and then keep that power pulling up to 50% longer than other traditional propulsion systems. The Jones Pulley system gives this racer an almost unfair advantage as it "rockets" off the start line with an unparalleled explosive acceleration. The Jones Pulley Dragster is perfect for all speed and king-of-the-hill contest that allow for the modification of the mouse trap's spring. The Jones Pulley Dragster takes more work to build than other mousetrap racer kits and is designed for those individuals who have had experience building similar projects using hand tools. This kit requires some cutting and drilling by the builder.

Why Doc Fizzix:

At Doc Fizzix, we have been designing, making, and building mousetrap powered cars for more than 30 years. Unlike any other mousetrap vehicle kit you will find on the market today, each of our kits has been designed and tested over and over again to insure your success. We use only the best quality parts and components in our kits. We have been featured multiple times in books, magazines, and national aired programs. We wrote the very first book devoted exclusively to the building of mousetrap vehicle selling more than 200,000 copied world wide. Our kits are used in more schools across the country than any other brand. Mousetrap powered cars and vehicles is our specialty.


  • High-torque Jones pulley system
  • 2-inch ultra sticky foam wheels
  • Light weight design
  • Brass tubing axles
  • Pre-cut and pre-drilled
  • Low inertia DVD layer wheels
  • Doc Fizzix's easy-wind, snag-free propulsion system

Jones Pulley System:

Developed by one of the finest minds in the mousetrap vehicle world, the Jones Pulley System is a new and revolutionary way to harness the energy of a mouse trap spring and increase the output torque. The Jones Pulley Dragster does not use a lever arm but instead uses a pulley attached to the mouse trap's spring that is designed to maximize the winding of a mouse trap's spring by more then the traditional 180 degrees. With this revolutionary system, you will double the power output of any mouse trap causing your racer to "rocket" off the start line. The Jones Pulley Dragster can be assembled in less than 90 minutes for most experienced builders and when finished will travel 5 meters in less than 1 second.

The biggest challenge with all high-speed racers is wheel traction, if wheels do not have enough traction then the racer will spin its wheels at the start wasting precious energy. The Jones Pulley Dragster comes with two ultra sticky foam wheels that are made from a lightweight urethane that is designed to grab the floor and provide maximum traction and acceleration. While the rest of the field is spinning their wheels at the start line your racer will be flying across the finish line in record time.

As with all our top mousetrap racer kits, The Jones Pulley Dragster Kit includes our "easy-to-wind" and "snag-free " string release system that will not tangle or snag for increased performance, a technique developed exclusively by Doc Fizzix.

Travel Speed:

  • 5 meters in less than 1 second*

Kit includes the following:

  • Victor mouse trap
  • Kevlar high-tech string
  • balsa wood frame
  • Ultra Sticky foam wheels
  • Low inertia front wheels
  • Brass tubing axles
  • Thrust washers
  • Jones Pulley set-up
  • Doc Fizzix's easy-wind, snag-free propulsion system
  • Step-by-step plans with performance tips and tricks

Tools required:

  • Needle-nose-pliers
  • Super glue
  • band saw or jewelers saw
  • hand drill
Size : length = 10.5 inches, width = 5 inches.

Weight : 5.5 oz.

mouse trap car mouse trap car mouse trap car *Kits require assembly, actual results will vary, glue and tools not included.

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