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Mousetrap Project Instructors Pack

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Teach the science and the physics of building a mouse-trap-powered vehicle through hands-on STEM activities. The Mousetrap Project Instructors Pack is a collection of activities that will teach students the science of building mousetrap vehicles. Through each activity students will learn all about the many variables that affect one and another and how they relate to the performance of a mousetrap vehicle. Over 69 pages of high-level activities and handouts that can be printed and passed out to students for an advance study of the science behind building a record setting mouse trap powered car. The Activities are the same as those found in The Secrets to Success but they come ready to print and pass out to your students. The activities are written for high school level students and beyond. The instructors pack comes with printable handouts, Excel sheets, and plans designed to help teach students all about the many different variables that affect a mouse trap racer.

Made for the visual learner, diagrams provide clarification for the detailed printed instructions on building various types of racers for speed, distance, or performance goals. Included in the book are definitions of the scientific terms and understandings necessary for success in this activity, ideas for types of contests, lab activities, formulas, and illustrations of supplies, assembly, and designing.

Excel Sheets

The included Excel sheets are designed to go along with the activities in the Printable Guide so that students can record and organize their data as they do each experiment. Each Excel file is a small software program that produces a variety of graphs and performs a ton of calculations based on simple measurements taken from a students mousetrap vehicle project. For example, based on measurements of mass, wheel diameter, lever arm length, spring constant, and several other measurements, the Excel sheets can produce graphs of distance vs. Time, speed vs. time, acceleration vs. time and many other such graphs. This powerful program will also calculate the vehicle's total starting energy, the coefficient of friction, the starting torque, the power output, and the total number of wheel rotations. Sample data is included for comparison between results.

The Printable Activities Guide is shipped on a DVD that includes handouts and Excel sheets that can be printed and handed out to students. All files are in PDF formate and can be viewed and printed from any computer system.


Alden J. Balmer


Topics Include:

  • Motion
  • Friction
  • Forces
  • Momentum
  • Center of Mass
  • Rotational Inertia
  • Energy
  • Torque

Activities Included:

  • Graphing Motion
  • Finding Friction
  • Finding Rotational Inertia
  • Finding the starting Energy
  • Graphing Energy
  • Finding Work and energy lost
  • Finding Gear Ratio
  • Predicting Travel Distance
Grade Level : 7-12

Page Count : 69 pages.

mouse trap car mouse trap car mouse trap car *Kits require assembly, actual results will vary, glue and tools not included.

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