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Easy Wind Axle Hooks (100-pack)
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Easy Wind Axle Hooks (100-pack)

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Doc Fizzix's revolutionary, easy-wind, snag-free, propulsion system will have your mousetrap powered and/or rubber band powered racer rocketing to the finish with mind blowing acceleration. The Doc Fizzix propulsion system was designed to work with all mousetrap and rubber band powered vehicle projects and it the most efficient propulsion system available. This bulk pack gives you 100 axle hooks for all your mousetrap and rubber band vehicle projects, order as many sets as you need for your next large group activity.


  • snagg-free
  • explosive accelerations

How it works:

The Doc Fizzix's zip-tie is wrapped around the drive axle, centered, and then super-glued in place. The excess zip-tie is trimmed with a scissors. The zip-tie provide a hook point on the drive axle for attach a string. The zip-tie axle hook will insure that there is no slipping of the string as the string is pulled from the drive axle. It is important that the string be able to release from the hook after the pulling force is spent so that the car has maximum coasting distance.

Bulk Order Specials:

Bulk order special items are bundled together in one package in order to eliminate the packaging cost when retail type packaging is not necessary.

Includes the following:

  • 100x axle hooks
  • Doc Fizzix's easy-wind, snag-free propulsion system
  • Step-by-step plans with performance tips and tricks

Tools required:

  • scissors
  • super glue
Size : length = 21 inches, width = 6 inches, lever arm = 12 inches.

Weight : 6 oz.

mouse trap car mouse trap car mouse trap car *Kits require assembly, actual results will vary, glue and tools not included.

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