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Ultimate Mousetrap Project DVD
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Ultimate Mousetrap Project DVD

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You get it all! Because of the tremendous demand by our customers we have put together the ultimate collection of mousetrap vehicle information and plans. This collection is so big we have to send it to you on a DVD. In the Ultimate Mousetrap Project DVD you get our top selling book: Mousetrap Cars the Secrets to Success, our Top Secret Mousetrap Car Plans, all our Excel sheets and instructors guides, and our Mousetrap Vehicle Analyzer software program that is a complete software program that produces a variety of graphs and performs a ton of calculations based on the simple measurements taken from a mousetrap vehicle

Includes is Mousetrap cars: the secrets to success was the first publication ever written that was devoted exclusively to building contest winning mouse trap powered cars, boats, and vehicles and has sold more than 82,000 copies worldwide since 1996. There is no other publication that contains the volume or quality of information that is presented in the secrets to success, it is years ahead of the rest

Also included is out Top Secret Mousetrap Car Plans, this is our best collection of plans and will really give you the edge over the competition. With our secrets, you will leave the competition in the dust as they try playing catch-up. This collection of plans is designed for the visual learners with detailed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and will eliminate the guesswork so you can sleep easy at night guesswork.

Also included is the Printable Instructors Guide with Excel sheets that are designed to go along with the activities in the Printable Guide so that students can record and organize their data as they do each experiment. Each Excel file is a small software program that produces a variety of graphs and performs a ton of calculations based on simple measurements taken from a students mousetrap vehicle project. For example, based on measurements of mass, wheel diameter, lever arm length, spring constant, and several other measurements, the Excel sheets can produce graphs of distance vs. Time, speed vs. time, acceleration vs. time and many other such graphs. This powerful program will also calculate the vehicle's total starting energy, the coefficient of friction, the starting torque, the power output, and the total number of wheel rotations. Sample data is included for comparison between results.

The Analyzer gives the user the ability to make any possible combination of graphs in order to discover and/or learn about the relationship; for example, how does the length of a lever arm relate to acceleration or speed? How does the pulling force change through the travel distance of a mousetrap vehicle? The Analyzer give the user unlimited ability to make unlimited combination of outputs, the Analyzer is the most advanced tool for any advanced study of mousetrap vehicle projects.

Items Include:

  • The Secrets to Success
  • Top Secret Mousetrap Car Plans (15 separate plans)
  • Printable Mousetrap Vehicle Instructors Guide
  • Mousetrap Vehicle Analyzer
  • Excel data sheets
mouse trap car mouse trap car mouse trap car *Kits require assembly, actual results will vary, glue and tools not included.

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