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Mr. Balmer - Physics

McNeil High School, Round Rock ISD
Room: C212
Phone: 512-464-6484
Tutorial Times: Every day before school from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Saving the world with his knowledge of science.

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  • Over 28 years of professional experience in educating, motivating, and evaluating individuals in order to ensure their own personal success.
  • Published author, writer, presenter, inventor, product developer, and business owner.
  • Selected as the 1996 Most Outstanding Science Teacher In the State of Texas by the Science Teacher Association of Texas.
  • Nominated three consecutive years by faculty members and students for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching.
  • Received the Golden Horse Shoe Award by the McNeil High School National Honors Society as the most outstanding teacher at McNeil High School.
  • Selected three straight years as McNeil High School’s Best Teacher by the student body.
Round Rock Independent School District, Round Rock, Texas
Responsibilities included the development, management, and implementation of innovative interdisciplinary curriculum for teaching high school students. Communicate and collaborate with administration and parents daily. Maintain and collect performance and evaluation data.
  • Educated more than 2,000 students with a 99.8% passing rate.
  • Received Exceptional Qualities on every evaluation over the 18 years.
  • Developed and implemented training programs for staff members district wide.
UTeach, College of Natural Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin
Mentored and supported first and second year science teachers, visited classrooms to provide on-site assistance in lesson preparation and curriculum implementation.

Physics Department, The University of Texas at Austin
Developed and implemented the use of innovative physics demonstration equipment and classroom activities
  • Coordinated presentations and performed in the Physics Circus.
  • Designed a desktop size rail gun that is currently used around the world to teach physics.
Doc Fizzix Products, Spicewood, Texas
In charge of developing and manufacturing exemplary instructional materials and curriculum for science teachers and providing inspirational training and workshops for educators.
  • Coordinate and oversee the daily operations of a successful business.
  • In charge of all product development and marketing.
Cotmer Productions, McNeil, Texas
Designed, developed, and marketed the award winning board game Perfect Timing. Perfect Timing was the first board game based on time perception and played with a stopwatch.

  • Presenter and Coordinator for the “Physics Circus” at the University of Texas
  • Presenter at 8 National Science Teachers Association Conventions
  • Presenter at 5 NSTA STEM Conventions
  • Presenter at 5 Regional Science Teachers Association Conventions
  • Presenter at 10 State Science Teachers Association Conventions
  • Appeared on several nationally aired television programs
Game with time-estimating element
A game with a time-estimating element wherein the time-estimating element is accomplished by starting and stopping a stopwatch. The game includes a game board having token spaces laid out thereon and wherein each player can elect to travel in any direction between adjacent token spaces during his/her given turn. The game includes a number of time-estimating challenges. The game can be won by outlasting the other players, i.e. having time remaining on his/her time-keeping timeline, or by being the first to collect a preset number of time-saver cards.