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January 01, 2000

Doc Fizzix is not from this century! He came here in a time machine that he build back in 1952 and subsequently his machine was damaged upon entry into this current time line. Doc Fizzix is now stuck here in this current time line until he can make the necessary repairs to his time machine and then get back home to his original time line.

I am not from this century! I came here in a time machine that I build back in 1952. My quest was only to visit and observer the future but instead this quest for knowledge has played a cruel trick on me. Upon entry into this current timeline my time-machine was severely damaged. I am now stuck here until I can make the necessary repairs to my time machine and then get back to 1952. My presents in this new time line has started a dangerous series of events that if not corrected will change the current course of mankind forever.

I must get back home to 1952 or to a point in the timeline before I ever entered the current timeline as soon as possible so I can revers the damage that my presents here has has already caused. Getting home will not be easy. It appears that the most critical component of my time machine, a very rare vacuum tube needed to bend the space-time continuum, has been damaged beyond repair. This extremely rare vacuum tube is no longer available and without this component my time machine will not be able to bend the space-time continuum as designed and get me home.

I made a critical error in the design of my time machine by not taking into consideration that vacuum tubes would someday become total obsolete in the future and replaced by the invention of solid state components. My time machine was built using 1952 technology and many of these components used in my machine are not compatible with today's semi conductors and integrated circuits.

For now I am stuck here until I can make the necessary repairs and/or rebuild my time machine using current technologies. The repairs to my time machine will be costly and will take a lot of time. So for now I am stuck in this strange new world. I hope that I can get back to my timeline and correct any damage I may have already done to the future of all mankind.

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