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Doc Fizzix Products Home through the years

WEBSITES FROM THE PAST: We have resurrected some of our websites from the past for your viewing pleasure. Some of these sites were used as our main site while others never saw the light of day. We are taking votes on your favorite design and we may bring it back to life.

docfizzix 2001

2001 He is a Spacey Guys Website

March 20, 2001

Still one of our favorite site, this out of this world design became the main Doc Fizzix website from 2001 - 2003 and took Doc Fizzix to the edge of the universe and back. This site had a lot of flashing lights and neon signs that added to the viewing pleasure. This was our first site to use roll overs and javascript.
docfizzix 2002

2002 Back To School Website (scrapped)

July 10, 2003

A website design concept that never saw the light of day. We were always looking for to make something new and the idea with this website design was to create a large chalk board in order to giving Doc Fizzix a place where he could teach the world about mousetrap powered vehicles. Site was scrapped.
docfizzix 2003

2003 Neo-Retro Website

July 10, 2003

Now we are cooking with gas, this site had a ton of potential and was a very cool design that everyone at Doc Fizzix Products loved. This design was almost became our main website in 2003 but just before this site was to go live we halted development and changed our focus to an all new Flash site.

docfizzix 2004

2004 Flash Website

April 17, 2004

In 2003 we started to play around with Flash and decided to build our next website entirely in Flash. We spent a year designing some super cool graphics that gave the Doc Fizzix site a whole new look. The site is still under development and has never gone live but we are still planning on using this design but for now we are moving away from the Flash and moving elements into newer technologies.
docfizzix 2005

2005 Current Doc Fizzix Website

October 05, 2005

As we were focused on our Flash website we still needed to get something up short term in order to replace our aging space theme site. We came up with this current design in 2005 as a short term solution but since 2005 this has been the main Doc Fizzix website. For now, with some updating, this theme will remain as the main Doc Fizzix website until the Flash version is finished.
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